Infield Lights Upgrade


It’s time to Improve the Field Lights of the infield and track at the Cowichan Sportsplex

The Cowichan Sportsplex is excited to be in the process of fundraising to replace the field lights of our track & infield. Our current lighting system barres us from being able to host games and events during shoulder season and later hours. This project will cost us $35,000 and we are aiming to have this project done in 2022.

Why It Matters

We need a better lighting system to be able to take full advantage of our track & infield. Our current setup isn’t bright enough to host games and events later than twilight. This upgrade is near the top of our list as We have a ton of organizations and thousands of community members who use our track & infield and rely on us to provide a safe and accessible experience and training ground.

Budget: $35,000

Estimated Completion Date: 2026

Cowichan Sportsplex

Cowichan Sportsplex

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