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Whether you’re planning a special event, a game, tournament or league, we are excited to help you pick out the perfect facility for your event. If you need more information about the amenities, check out the Facilities page or call us at (250) 746-5666 .

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Bookings Questions & Answers

Can Family & Friends use the facilities for free?

Yes, as long as there is no paid booking place, we encourage casual use of our facilities. If your visits become regular, if you have a coach present or equiptment that indicates you are having a practice, you will be asked to make a booking, pay a rental fee and carry liability insurance.

What insurance do I need?

All renters must provide proof of at least $2 million liability insurance with the CHesterfield Sports Society and the Municipality of North Cowichan named as additional insured.

Can I get a liquor license for my event?

First you will need approval from the Sportsplex, then you will apply for a license through the RCMP.

Are there rules for using the track?

Our track is shared by a wide variety of people from training athletes, to casual walkers, to people rehabilitating after an injury. To understand how to share the track, please read our track etiquette guidelines.

What is the distance around the track?

On the inside lane, the track measures 400m or 1/4 mile. The outside lane is an addition 50 metres.

What is the distance around Legacy Fitness Path?

The rubber path measures 660m or .4 miles

Can I walk my dog at the Sportsplex?

Yes, dogs are welcome on the fitness path and on the roadways but not in the playground or on any of our playing surfaces. Always leash and clean up after your dog.

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