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We owe everything to our partners - they are the key to our success.

People are everything at the Cowichan Sportsplex. From our generous Medal Podium Sponsors and energetic Health & Wellness Partners to our hardworking volunteers, sports groups and other supporters — they are the life of the Sportsplex and we are so proud to have them as partners! The creation and ongoing success of the Cowichan Sportsplex is a tribute to the drive and vision of this wonderful community.

Our Sportsplex Community

We affectionately refer to our Sportsplex Community as the "MyPlex Community"...a network of people who proudly embrace the Cowichan Sportsplex. “Fun, fresh air and fitness” is our motto and together we actively inspire a healthy community. We share information and healthy experiences, we inspire and motivate each other to get involved and get fit. If you would like to be part of the Cowichan Sportsplex Community, join the MyPlex Community.

Our Members

Our Society is made up of the Sports organizations listed below. You can also join as an individual, a corporate member or as a Director on our Board.

If you belong to an organization other than the groups mentioned above, you can be part of our health & fitness network, Join the MyPlex Community, and contact us at to apply to have your link placed on our website.

Our Medal Podium Sponsors

When people believe in the Sportsplex and how important it is to our community they step onto our Medal Podium, which means they provide cash or in-kind contributions that help us maintain this world-class facility each and every day of the year.

If you would like to hear about the benefits of joining our valued sponsors on the podium, please contact Cowichan Sportsplex at 250.746.5666 or

Our Volunteers

We love our volunteers! They offer their time and skills to help us in so many ways – flipping burgers in the concession, delivering posters around town, weeding gardens, planning events and much more. The best thing is the friendships we have made with these wonderful people. It is a real win-win situation and a great way to be part of the MyPlex Community!

Volunteer with us.

Our Health & Wellness Partners

Do you have a health & wellness goal you would like to reach? Contact one of our Health & Wellness Partners – qualified local support people who will whip you into shape in no time! They offer their services in the community and are huge Sportsplex supporters.

Our Government Support

Last but certainly not least, hats off to all levels of government for providing grants to build the sports facilities and/or funds to help our Society keep it in great shape each day of the year.

Our Staff

The Cowichan Sportsplex is staffed by a small but dedicated team of people who do everything from booking the fields, to fundraising and caring for the facility like it is our own. Contact Us if you have any questions, we’ll be glad to assist you.