The Cowichan Sportsplex is a regional outdoor sports, fitness and recreation park covering over 26 acres and serving over 200,000 visits each year. As the Chesterfield Sports Society, we have dedicated ourselves to our vision since 1996 and now, with the help of our entire community, we offer first class facilities and moving experiences to everyone who steps foot onto our site.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to better health and vitality in our community.

Our Values


To act with a high standard of skill.


An enduring passionate focus on our goals.


Open to everyone.


To strive to create concepts, visions and products that extend past today’s standards.


To honour and be considerate.


Confidence that our actions and motivations are in the best interest at hand.

Our Vision

The Cowichan Sportsplex is a high quality, unique, regional sports, fitness and recreation center that is proudly embraced and supported by our community. Through mutually beneficial relationships, we will secure the resources to be successful and sustainable. This will include forming strong relationships with our members, our community, our governments and a wide volunteer base.

Our History

The Cowichan Sportsplex is the pride and joy of the Chesterfield Sports Society, a non-profit organization that had a vision in 1996 to build a place that would benefit all ages and abilities through sports, recreation and friendship. It’s hard to believe how far we have come since those early days. The main impetus came in 1989 when the track at the high school was closed for competition. The community started meeting to talk about what sports facilities were needed to serve our growing community. The support we received from the community was and continues to be wide and deep; individuals, business, community sports organizations, service clubs, local, provincial and federal governments; we all worked together towards our common vision and now we have 26 acres of high quality outdoor facilities to show for our collective efforts.